Suparna Trikha Beauty The Natural Way - Haul and Review!

I have a haul here of Suparna Trikha products. I have been purchasing products from Suparna from the last 11 Years and I always got great results after using them. I love her products for various reasons mentioned below and because I never had any adverse or allergic reactions after using her products and I also got my Pre-bridal treatments done at her salon which was a magical experience!

I purchased The Book of Natural Skin Care by Suparna way back in 2001, though I don't have the book right now but I remember most of the chapters in it. It was "one the most genius book on skin care ever written" unfortunately there are no more books available as she stopped printing it. I really wish If I can find another copy.

My husband is also a crazy fan of Suparna's he just loves the scrubs and packs and always says that he is jealous cause he can't get his treatments done at her salon as it is for women only; but he still feels happy that she atleast sells her products for personal use.

All of her products are based on Ayurveda they are:
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • 100% Paraben free
  • 100% Soap Free
  • Not Tested On Animals
  • 100% Bio - Degradable 
  • 100% Herbal / Organic

Suparna has her own range of products some of them are:

  • Soap free Face wash and Body washes
  • Lemon Butter Cleanser for Dry skin
  • Lemon Face Wash for Oily Combination
  • Honey & Herb Scrub for Oliy to Dry Skin
  • Mint and Margosa Scrub for Oily Combination
  • Basil Cream Pack for Oily Combination
  • Almond and Dry Fruits Scrub for Dry Skin
  • Honey & Sandalwood Pack for Oily to Dry Skin
  • Mint and Clove Pack for Acne Prone Oily Combination
  • Rose Cream
  • Sandalwood Sunscreen
  • Wild Flower Moisturiser
  • Rose Water Toner for All Skin Types
  • Mint and Mineral Toner for Oily Combination
  • Soap free Orange Shampoo
  • Soap free Wild Flower Shampoo
  • Fruits Conditioner
  • Red Hot Henna
  • Mud Pack for Hair
  • Banana Bouncer for Hair
  • Pure Roses Oil
  • Seed And Sandalwood Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Bhringraj Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Glow Ubtan
  • Fairness Ubtan
  • Essential Oils

To name a few but she has even more range of products which I don't remember right now you can always give them a call and find out a product that will suit you more.

Products That I regularly purchase from her are below:

Pure Roses Oil and Almond Oil:

Pure Roses Oil is Message oil for your body only it has been designed for extremely dry and undernourished skin however I use it throughout the winters and summers on my body as it imparts glow and has an amazing fragrance of roses which doesn't leave your body easily if you use this regularly then there is no need of a perfume.


Almond Oil:
Is a multipurpose oil which you can use to message around your eyes in order to get rid of dark circles and fine lines, use a makeup remover, message oil for hair or you can even drink a drop of it with milk every morning, it's the same as rogan badam shirin only more pure.


Mint and Margosa Scrub and Mint and Minerals Lotion:

Mint and Margosa Scrub is for oily combination skin and extracts of camphor. Regular use of it mixed with Milk or Rose water helps to get rid of acne pimple marks and also exfoliates the skin.

Mint and Minerals Lotion is a skin toner and refresher with extracts of camphor for oily acne prone skin and extremely good for summers.


Margosa or Neem

Honey Herb Face Scrub: 

Honey Herb Scrub is for Oily to Dry Skin types it has extracts of Honey and Natural Herbs and can be used as regular exfoliation scrub. I generally use this in winters or once a week in summers. Make sure that you always apply a pack after you scrub your face.


Lemon Butter:

Lemon butter is a excellent face cleanser if you have dry skin. I have oily/combination skin so I only use it around my eyes as it is dry and then I wash them with water.

Honey and Sandalwood Face Pack:

This is a pack for oily to dry skin types. You can apply it on your face like a glow pack just before you leave for a party as the ingredients are honey and sandalwood. Oily skin types can use it once a week.



Fresh Rose:

Fresh Rose is a Toner for all skin types obviously as the name suggests is made out of roses and has amazing fragrance. I prefer to keep it in a spray bottle to reduce wastage.


Glow Ubtan, Basil Cream Pack, Mint Clove Pack:

Glow Ubtan is made out of herbs and dals you can make paste of it by mixing some amount of milk into it and then apply is on your skin as body wash. The results are so amazing you will never use soap again.

Mint and Clove Pack:
I can vouch for this as I have extremely oily acne prone skin just one application of this pack will make all your acne and pimples disappear in Six hours. Tried and Tested from the last 11 years by Me :) ,  I love this Pack it's a life saver. Active Ingredients in this pack are Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth), Clove, Camphor, Mint and Exotic herbs.


Fullers Earth




Other herbs that could be there!!

Witch Hazel

Harry potter - Burdock root!! :)

Tea Tree

Basil Cream Pack:
Basil Cream Pack can be used in the morning leave it on your skin for 5 minutes and then wash it off, this pack will gradually make all your pimple and acne marks disappear. Tried and Tested from the last 11 years by me :)

Suparna Trikha

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All of Suparna's Products can be purchased at the following address and number: Suparna’s Aveda B-24, Nizzamudin East,New Dehi-110013, Tel: 24355804, 24358051. 

Suparna’s Aveda is dedicated to towards women who want to look beautiful the natural way! 

Love Surabhi


  1. Came across your blog while searching for Suparna Trikha's products. Must say its an awesome blog....Kudos to you!

  2. Im a regular reader of Suparna Trikha from graphiti magazine circulated in kolkata and it was a pleasure to see her on band baaja bride.I wanted to know where in kolkata are her products available.

  3. I'M a regular reader of Suparna Trikha in the graphiti magazine published in Kolkata.It was pleasure to see her on band baaja bride.I wanted to know where in kolkata can I purchase her products.

  4. Hi Sukriti,
    You can call on her land line ... They don't have any branch in kolkata. They generally courier large orders!!!

  5. Hi Surabhi,
    I am in Maharashtra and wish to buy her products...How can order for products without knowing abt it.. and how will she courier something if she doesnt know my skin type...does he have an official website through which we can order and communicate to her.

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    I am sorry for the late reply.. please do give them a call and tell them about your skin type.... I am sure they can courier products as per skin type :)


  7. Hi Surabhi, is it possible to get facial done at her parlour?

  8. Yes, you can get your facial done at her parlour. I got my entire pre-bridal done by Superna's Aveda, It was an amazing experience!!

  9. The post is written in very a good manner and it entails many useful information for me. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post.

  10. I am a regular at her parlour. I have travelled to many cities and have got beauty services extended by the best of professionals(India and abroad). Luckily i do not have any skin problem and hair problem, but i love to take care of myself. Suparna's Aaveda is by far ,the best ever i have experienced. My husband has a problem skin, with loads of acne and pimples. Her mint and clove pack cured it in a month!! Something that some best dermatologists could not do in YEARS(I mean the CAPS lock!!).. Also I tried her Black Tea and Lime shampoo.. it is awesome.

    1. Yeah, I have a extremely Acne Prone skin myself, Superna's pack always cured my problem..I still have one in refrigerator right now :)....

      All of her products are amazing, I even got my Pre- bridals done at her parlour... it was a luxurious experience...

      Superna Trikha is definitely the best in the country and abroad. Period.

  11. Hi
    I am new reader of your blog,you are like a treasure like beauty with brain.I learnt a lot about natural beauty products and chemicals based products.
    u said that u have acne prone skin but i did not seem like that cause your skin is crystal clear. could you please tell me how you maintain that every day.because i have also acne prone skin.and i also wanted to know about superna trikha's mint and clove pack and mint mineral lotion is good for my to use them in a day.

    1. Hello Priya,

      I am sorry for replying late. I was out of the country for a month. Thank-you for visiting my blog and for all your compliments.

      Natural based products are always better than chemical based products. Yes, I have acne prone skin It's keeps breaking out but they are less in number so I wash my face with sebamed clear gel, melawash alternatively also I use superna trikha's clove pack it always helps.

      My skin does look crystal clear because I take care of it a lot but right I have a few breakouts as I was traveling and the constant weather and temperature changes has irritated my skin.

      You can apply the pack daily on the spots it does not harm and the mineral lotion should be used daily!!

  12. There are so much important for get an idea about beauty.This is a nice website thats you know about beauty. I am enjoyed reading your description. I offer to you Natural Beauty Tips

  13. There are so much important for get an idea about beauty.This is a nice website thats you know about beauty. I am enjoyed reading your description. I offer to you Natural Beauty Tips

  14. Wonderful blog.. i remember some months back u adviced me for melawash. It has really helped. Any suggestions for anti aeging cream or any night cream.

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my blog, Try Ayorma spa creams at, it is a new Ayurveda range which is fab!! :)

  15. Wonderful blog.. i remember some months back u adviced me for melawash. It has really helped. Any suggestions for anti aeging cream or any night cream.

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my blog, Try Ayorma spa creams at, it is a new Ayurveda range which is fab!! :)

  16. Hello, my name is Laura and I´m from the United States. I was in India this September and had a delightful afternoon at Suparna´s was THE BEST beauty experience I´ve ever had and I hope to be able to return. I bought the lemon butter cleanser, honey and sandalwood mask and vitamin E cream and am enjoying these marvellous products very much. They have a visible effect on my skin and, unlike commercial brands I´ve used, are bringing it back to life...thank you Suparna...

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