Tribe By Amrapali - Radha Krishna Silver Earrings For Your Beloved This Valentine's Day!!

Valentines Day is here again, all you lovers out there this is time to shower your loved ones with affection, Whether your Valentine this year is your Mother, Wife, Daughter or Your Lover it is still not to late to  buy them a lovely pair of Amrapali Radha Krishna Earrings!!

Radha, daughter of Vrishabhanu, was the lover of Krishna during that period of his life when he lived among the cowherds of Vrindavan. Since childhood they were close to each other - they played, they danced, they fought, they grew up together and wanted to be together forever, but the world pulled them apart. He departed to safeguard the virtues of truth, and she waited for him. He vanquished his enemies, became the king, and came to be worshipped as a lord of the universe. She waited for him. He married Rukmini and Satyabhama, raised a family, fought the great war of Ayodhya, and she still waited. So great was Radha's love for Krishna that even today her name is chanted whenever Krishna is refered to, and Krishna worship is though to be incomplete without the deification of Radha.
The Radha-Krishna amour is a love legend of all times. It's indeed hard to miss the many legends and paintings illustrating Krishna's love affairs, of which the Radha-Krishna affair is the most memorable. Krishna's relationship with Radha, his favorite among the 'gopis' (cow-herding maidens), has served as a model for male and female love in a variety of art forms, and since the sixteenth century appears prominently as a motif in North Indian paintings. The allegorical love of Radha has found expression in some great Bengali poetical works of Govinda Das, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and Jayadeva the author of Geet Govinda.

Radha Krishna are a True Symbol of Love!!!

                 Amrapali Silver Golden Hand Painted Radha Krishna Earrings

                           An original hand painted Radha Krishna on handmade Sanganari paper set in silver.

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