Have Our Cricketers Become More Fashion Conscious? Cricketers to Fashion Icons.

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Yeah Hip Hip Horrah!!!  popcorns and celebration, India has won all the four matches this year at World Cup 2015. Amazing game play by the men in blue in this WC2015. We all thought that IndiaVs Pak would be world war but our men in blue made the match look like child's play!!

6th March game win with West Indies was a tough match in Perth, I almost believed for sometime that India would loose but it was tough game and India won AGAIN!! So yeah, I totally believe in the men in blue now as that added that extra zing to Holi!! And what a colourful holi it was entire India was celebrating the Victory with bhaang, Thandai and Festive Colours, how can we forget the amazing gujia's being distributed in advance for India's Win and Holi Celebration!!  #WontGiveItBack  #CWC2015

Now, we carefully take a look at these Cricketers, we often do question Ourselves "Have Our Players Become More Fashion Conscious?" If we look at the yesteryear's Cricket was considered a Gentleman's Game, Today Cricketers are no less than any celebrities..

 My Rainbow Gujia To Celebrate Holi and India's Win on that day!!

Bollywood Actresses die to date and many even marry them.. Nawab Pautaudi and Sharmila Tagore, Imran Khan's Small stint with Zeenat Taman, Short lived marriage of Reena Roy, Vivian Richards and Neena Gupta. These days the hot couple - Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli.

Let’s get to know more about these famous cricketers, their lady love and how they influenced fashion.

Blast From The Past

Late Nawab TIGER Pataudi

The Prince of Cricket and Yesteryear's Heartthrob and a Gentleman, Tiger Pataudi was indeed the Prince of Cricket. He was known for his sportsmanship and off course his royalty, Hailing from Nawab Family of Gwalior. He lost his heart to the Kashmir Ki Kali Actress Sharmila Tagore who was also known for her acting and bold bikini scenes in Bollywood movies.

"Nawab Pataudi later said he had to bat on for four long years" to finally marry the Kashmir Ki Kali heroine.

Sharmila, on her part, revealed she "was attracted to Tiger for his sense of humour" and said "for us, the world ended and began with each other".

Nawab Pataudi was always dressed as a prince of the Cricket field, Royal and elegant Sherwani & Kurta Pajama and Suits and always wore his white India Uniform while palying as during those days that was the only uniform that all Cricketers around the world wore. It was a just a plain white shirt, pants and half sleeves sweater for all.

He wore the best designer sunglasses during his lifetime and always considered London his second home!! He was one of the most well-dressed Gentlemen of this time.

His Style: Sherwani, Formals, Shades

Kapil Dev

1983 Cricket World Cup Champion, Captain of the Indian team then and the Famous Palmolive Model. How can we forget his famous advertisement and dialogue “Palmolive Ka Jawab Nahin!” I think we all grew up watching this. Every time you start the TV - Doordarshan channel they would show this add or if you would play the VCR his add of Boost “Boost is the secret of my energy”

Who would have known that this simple man from Haryana would write history!! Kapil Dev was a gentleman throughout his life. He style was simple and sophisticated always dressed In Formals, on the field the famous white uniform of the yester years. His name was never associated with any actress or celebrity.

Even today he dresses in formals on the camera or at any event.

His Style: Formals, Uniform

Sunil Gavaskar:

A designated player of his time, He was never associated with any actress or celebrity and lived a very quite life. Nor was much of a media person didn’t do much brand endorsing in his time, He did a  add or two and that’s it. Sunil Gavaskar was always dressed in formals in any society or social gathering.

His Style: Shades, Formals, Semi Formals

The Present - Cricketers and Fashion Icons

World Cup 2011 Team

Sachin Tendulkar – The Master Blaster

He needs no introduction, World Cup Champion, The God of Cricket, The Master Blaster and the Little master.

Sachin Tendulkar belonged to a middle class family of Maharashtra, He was not very good at studies but he was passionate about Cricket!! he became one the world’s best player over the period of time and kept changing his hairstyles as well. In public he would generally be dressed in Formals or Cricket Uniform, He Married a Doctor and was never involved with any celebrity of Bollywood.

Sachin endorsed many brands and is most probably one of the most famous cricketers in the world. Many Brands still stand in a line for his endorsement and pay him in crores and lifetime contracts. Sachin has done millions of advertisements and has endorsed from Boost to Luxury Cars!!!

If he would drink Pepsi then his fans would drink Pepsi, If he would endorse Boost then sales of boost would go up, He would endorse a fabric the fabric would go out of stock. Sachin Tendulkar was most of the greatest influencer in the cricket and the fashion world. Men would get their hair cut just like Sachin did.

Sachin Tendulkar Hairstyles: From really bad hair days to Hello Handsome!!

Sachin Tendulkar endorsing Audemars Piguet and Chrome Hearts both are luxury brands for men.

His Style: Shades, Luxury Watches, Formals, Uniform, Semi Formals

World Cup 2015 Team

Mahendra Singh Dhoni 

Captain of the Present World Cup Winning Team of 2012, One of the most successful Cricket Captains of all time MS Dhoni belongs to a small city Ranchi, however he made a big impact in Indian Cricket and the world of Fashion. Our Cricketers got more stylish over the period of time and endorsed almost all the brands possible.

Today cricketers are looked upon as celebrities and fashionista’s 

Dhoni transformed himself from a simple boy from Ranchi to a Superstar looks, From long locks of a Hollywood Movie  “Thor” to Bald Beauty..

Dhoni on the cover of Vogue and Depicted as Lord Vishnu and The God of BIG DEALS on Business Today Cover. There was also an FIR Charge sheeted against him to be displayed as a Hindu God.

Dhoni has shown serious sportsmen ship, and has played yet again as an excellent Captain of the Indian Team even at this WorldCup2015. Dhoni Please Don't Give It Back!!! :)

World Cup 2011 Champ India!! #WontGiveItBack

His Style: Hairstyles, Uniform, Formals, Semi Formals, Tatoo’s …

Shikhar Dhawan

The Man, The Tattoo, The Moustache.. Yes, that’s Shikar Dhawan a blend of Indian Tradition and Modern Outlook..He is heavily Tattooed and Is known for is signature Moustache and Beard!!

He is also one of the most popular Cricketer on Twitter..

In the Movie Dawwat- E-Ishq,  Aditya Roy Kapoor Copied the style of Shikhar Dhawan.. So as you can see more Bollywood stars are copying our cricketers than Vice-Versa.

His Style: Heavily Tattoo, Traditional Moustache, Luxury Formal Brands, T-Shirt, Casual, Earrings, Hats, Luxury Watches, Kadha (Bangle)

Virat kohli

Cricket's Most Eligible Bachelor, The New Sachin Tendulkar, The official brand  Ambassador…

These days Virat Kohli is endorsing more brands than any Bollywood actor…He is even Launching Fashion Brands these days. Currently he is dating Anushka Sharma, The PK actress!! Bollywood Actresses die to do a shoot next to him..

It's Official Virat Kohli is the MAN!!! Heart stealer, Heart breaker!!

Virat Kohli launches youth fashion brand 'WROGN' 

His Style: Casuals, Semi Formals, Formals, Jeans, Shades, Tattoo

"Over the Years from Late Pataudi to Virat Kohli Cricketers have been the Trendsetters of Fashion and Style our players have become more fashion conscious, trendsetters for Bollywood."

Actresses die to date them, Marry them, Youngsters follow them their fashion and style, Women want their husbands to look like them with strong bodies and dressing sense..


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