Winner #BloggerDreamTeam 2015!!! Yippeee :)

I was declared the Winner of Harsha Bhogle's #BloggerDreamTeam 2015, Yippeee!!!  I was selected as the Top 11 winners first, Now I have been Announced as one of the Final Winners of Harsha Bhogle's #BloggerDreamTeam Wow!!, I will be receiving a Kindle Reader Soon as a prize...I was also awarded a badge for #ResponsibleBlogger.

#BloggerDreamTeam Campaign saw more than 900 blog entries posted by bloggers across India and genres. From 931 entries only 11 bloggers including me made it to Harsha's #BloggerDreamTeam Top11 and now Final Winner. Harsha-certified badge of honour along with my other Awards is displayed on my website and awards page.

 #BloggerDreamTeam 2015 Winning post: Have our Cricketers become Fashion Conscious? Cricketers to Fashion Icons, I was also awarded "I am a Social Influencer Badge and Cup" for "Maximum Unique Hits" and for being "The Best Post Of The First Week of March".

So it's celebration time!! thanks for pepping me up, love you. Don't forget to read my next entry for Vir Sanghvi's  #BloggerDreamTeam Part 2 Travel & Food Carnival - Neemrana Fort Palace - Birthday Celebrations