#InMyFabBag Fab Post June

Okay, it’s time for the June FabBag.  I received it a couple of days ago, but I first wanted to experience it before I post it!!

Hmmm, What did I love most #InMyFabBag June??  Believe it or not I loved two products the most in my Fab Bag June Cuccio Colour Emerald green nail polish called “Fountains Of Versailles” No .5043 and Ananda Juniper Holy Basil light moisturizer for oily skin, Since my skin is oily and acne prone, This cream has worked wonderfully on my skin!

Ananda Juniper Holy Basil Light Moisturiser

This has been recently launched by Fab Bag, I have always been a sucker for essential oils all my life and believe it or not I have always loved the fragrance of Juniper essential oils and when I received it, I couldn’t have been gladder;  I just love to apply it after Face Wash.

I have used this cream this week, look no acne and amazingly light moisturiser perfect of Acne Prone and oily skin like mine and the best part it is Paraben Free, I  Love it!!!

Avoid this cream if you pregnant since Juniper an essential oil is not safe to use while pregnant otherwise it’s a great option.  Ananda  facial creams protects skin from environmental aggressors, leaving it soft, supple and rejuvenated and relaxes dull and stressed skin while moisturizing it.

Price: 1350 for 50gm

Get 15% off with code: FABJUNE15 

Cuccio Colour by Cuccio Naturale’

Wow, I received this beautiful Emerald Green Nail Polish called “Fountains Of Versailles” No .5043 in my Fab Bag this June I love it, love it, love it, it’s a great colour for Autumn Fall and the coming winter. The Formula is very shiny and glittery, great for parties or if you just want to look on the wild side.....

Cuccio Color has been Introduced by Cuccio Naturale’ this is a professional range of nail lacquers, which can give a rich coverage in just one coat but I like two coats.

Price: 675/- for 13ml 

Get 15% off with code: FABJUNE15 

Cuccio Naturale’ Butter Blend

Cuccio Naturale’ Butter Tuscan Citrus Herb Moisturiser smells more like green grass after the rain, if you love light citrus lemony moisturisers then you will love this.  It has nice creamy texture great for hands especially if you wash them too often.

Price:  2970/- for 240 gm

Get 15% off with code: FABJUNE15 

Votre’ Bio Cosmetics

This is not a sunscreen moisturiser, this a mist which contains sunscreen…I think it is a great thought, if have been spending you entire day in the sun wont it feel great to spray this on your face and start feeling fresh again plus sunscreen 25 with it!!

This Facial Mist is an active blend of natural botanical herbs and minerals that leave skin balanced and glowing & noticeably shiner.

Price: 400/- for 50ml

Get 25% off with code: FABJUNE25 

All Good Scents Perfume

Eau De Toilette essentials for him Smooth 50ml for the “Alpha Male” is strong musky fragrance. I would definitely advise my hubby to use it, it’s nice for evening or if your man wishes to give a strong statement. It was a really cute gesture by Fab Bag to send it as a “Father Day Gift” Thank you Fab Bag Love it!!

I love the June Fab Bag  more than my April Fab Bag, I love Ananda Juniper Holy Basil Moisturiser and Cuccio Colour called “Fountains Of Versailles” No .5043 Emerald Green. 

           To purchase these wonderful products for yourself or a friend go to Fab Bag.Com


                                  Take a look at the FabBag June Catalouge