Proactiv Review, Get Rid Of Acne Fast This Monsoon!!

The lovely Monsoons are here, its a great weather and a big relief from Delhi's heat but it always has a flip side more of  Fungal infections and Acne. I have always had beautiful skin (God Gifted!!)  I also won the title of "Miss Beautiful Complexion" at the May Queen Ball but many of you do not know that I suffer from Acne since the age of 16. I have an extremely Oily Combination / Sensitive / Acne Prone Skin Type.  Since 2012 I have been suffering adult acne resulting due to a hormonal imbalance.

I tried everything, A balanced diet, Regular exercise, Acne prevention facials, Regular cleaning and I had lots of water; I did receive a temporary relief from Acne after following a balance lifestyle however it came back again after some time.  I got extremely irritated with every acne product in the market.

I tried many products such Acnes, Ponds pimple care face wash, Lotus acne gel, Himalaya toner all of them only gave me temporary results. Finally I gave up on everything and ordered the Proactiv Solutions Kit for INR 3895/-  fingers crossed and I got fast results!!

I started using Proactiv since May 2015 and I followed the 3 step system 2 time’s everyday morning and evening.

Squeeze a small drop coin sized in your hands and then message it gently on you face, this cleaner will gently scrub away your dead cells.

Take few drops of the toner on a cotton ball and wipe it all over the face allow it dry and you will notice that even after washing the face their some of dirt being magically extracted out of your face. This toner is one the best I come across after Sebamed toner.

Take a small amount pea sized lotion in your hands and apply a layer all over your face, you will feel a slight tingling or burning sensation because it means that Proactiv is working. Do not apply more than a pea size or on your eye contour area otherwise you will experience a strong burning sensation on your skin and eye area. Trust me I have done this and regretted it later. So Avoid eye contour area completely!

This lotion has Benzoyl Peroxide which is the main ingredient in Proactiv. Benzoyl Peroxide Kills Acne and Pimples to give you silky smooth skin complexion and thank god to Proactiv I am absolutely acne free from last 2 months after following the 2 times a day 1-2-3 system and I also used the Refining Masks on weekends.

I saw results just after a week, my skin started behaving better and less or no breakouts and much clearer skin, the big and monstrous acne had finally left me alone. They were painful, they were ugly and they ruined my life and skin!!


1. Expensive

I ran out of Proactiv toner and I called their customer care to order it and CC Representive said that If I order just the toner then it will cost me INR  3000/- but if I ordered the entire kit again it will cost me INR 3895/-

I found this business practice wrong because any customer can run out of any of the three items in the proactive kit and if one needs only product, Proactiv management almost forces you to buy the entire kit again by inflating the prices of products over the roof if you buy them separately.

I totally hated this attitude and I bought the Sebamed Toner till the time being I over with the other products in the kit. Proactiv management advises you not to use any other product from others brands along with the products provided in the kit, however I used the toner from Sebamed and no harm done, it works effectively as the REVITALIZING TONER in the kit.

2. Refining Mask

Since I am a repeating customer I have used the Proactiv mask before and this time I did not find it as effective as the one I purchased in 2009. They have definitely changed the formula as it was no less than a miracle but this one works better overnight. Just apply it on your acne or pimples before you go to sleep and you will  notice in the morning that they are gone!!

3. Acne Marks

Acne disappears but the marks do not disappear as promised, in case you want a flawless skin then you will need to use the Proactiv whitening EX Solution or a whitening serum that suits your skin type. I was applying Tretinion cream only on acne marks in the night to get rid of the marks as recommended by my dermatologist.

My Review & Results:

Overall, my experience with Proactive has been a happy one, My skin behaves better now, No more ugly whiteheads or Painful Acne.  I am happy that even in this humid climate my skin is behaving well and no more breakouts or Acne, all thanks to the of Proactiv Solutions Kit!!

I have found the ultimate Acne killer, Thank you Proactiv!! I am a repeating customer for Proactiv last time I used this kit in 2009 and I am very happy that ordered it again after six years. It has given me fantastic results every time.

In case you are suffering from those horrible breakouts this monsoon and If you have a really busy schedule and you have only 10 minutes to spare on your face daily, then you desperately need the Proactiv Kit!! 

Order Proactiv today for yourself to get out of the treacherous and vindictive cycle of Acne and Pimples!! 

                                        Order Online at for the price of  INR 3845/-


  1. Spotted skin, scars and acne marks make you feel embarrassed and hurt self-esteem as well. Many of us opt for cosmetics and other products to get rid of acne residues. There are many home remedies which have proven their effects on lightening these skin marks. Tomato and Lemon Juice: Take a “fresh tomato” and make its paste. Mix it well with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply the paste on face for around 20 minutes and rinse it off gently with water after 20 minutes. Pulp of Aloe Vera: Let the pulp from Aloe Vera dry for 5 minutes in sun. Add 6-8 drops of lemon juice to it and apply on the affected area and face for 15 minutes. Onions: Cut the onion into small pieces. Grind those pieces and separate the juice from the residue. Apply the juice for few minutes on the affected skin and rinse after 10 minutes. Cucumber and Milk: Make a paste out of cucumber, milk and a bit of lime extract. It will serve as a face mask. Apply thoroughly and wash it with warm water after 10 minutes. You must consider a visit to dermatologist in severity of the condition. But, these home remedies are proven effective in getting rid of acne marks, black spots, pimples and dark spots.


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