Wishes Come True! #AbHarWishHogiPoori

I love to travel, almost as much as I love Fashion. But for me the part that always got me on edge was the getting there. There is only so long I can stare out the window of a moving vehicle, alone with my thoughts. 

When I used to travel I always used to enviously look at neighboring passengers. In the old days, few would carry books or board games, now everyone is glued to their mobile or phablet or tablet. I always wished to have a mobile phone with a larger screen, I always hated my mobile on my travels, sure, it was great for everyday use. But I could not easily read blogs or browse websites , the display was just too small. I always wished I could buy a mobile with a larger screen and which would give me more freedom of downloading songs, movies and sharing my clicks on social media.

I would check mobile prices so often on Flipkart, the larger screens, the more out of my budget it was. Seemed I was stuck with my mobile where I had to squint to read anything before the display light drained the battery too much.  I guess my husband understood what I always wanted.  One day, a neat little box arrived home and I found, much to my delight, the most perfect One Plus One awaited to be my new everyday and travel companion.

I took my phone everywhere with me, I really enjoyed using One Plus One and I used it to the maximum, it has an amazing battery backup and I am easily able share all information on all social media. I really wished I had this mobile before, my life would be so much simpler, my presence on social media has increased three folds since I got it as a gift!! 

A few months later, my dad came to visit. My dad, I must tell you, has always been a bit of a tech geek and music lover. From the transition to the Gramophone to the portable record player to the cassette player to the MP3 - my dad has always loved tech and music-they go hand in hand. 

So on morning, as I got ready for work, I absent mindlessly played some old Hindi songs on my phone. As I hummed along, I heard my dad joining in from the next room. Over the week he stayed with us, I noticed how he would slyly look over at me every time I looked at my phone. I realized how much my dad wished to have a One Plus One mobile. 

So I did what any dutiful daughter would do, I headed online. To my surprise, One Plus One was now available on Flipkart. I really wanted to buy an awesome gift for my dad on Father’s day since he loved my mobile, he really wished to buy it few months ago and its quite affordable for the price of  INR 21998/-

I purchased the One Plus One by downloading the Flipkart App and placed an order for it to be delivered to him within a week, I paid by my debit card and mentioned it to gift wrapped and to be delivered to my father as “Father’s Day” Gift this month.  He was overjoyed to receive it. You should have seen the smile on his face, his wish really came true!!

Now he too loves his New One Plus One. He loves to Skype and speaks to my brother and nephew with it and he also does his shopping on it now. He bought a lovely pair of shoes from Flipkart App and got it shipped for my Brother. Now that was a true first!

"My wish and his, both came true – I want to say thanks to Flipkart. So keep dreaming and keep wishing!   #AbHarWishHogiPoori"


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