Cast A Spell August Fab Bag

A Fab Bag so beautiful that it casts a spell on you!!  it takes you back to the land of fairytales, this is exactly the beauty bag that every real life princess needs and seldom dreams of...

The August Fab is called “Cast a Spell” Enchanted?  I am sure!!  Every month the fab unveils a new beauty bag, I was so much in love with July fab bag nothing could have come closer except this beautiful pink fab bag from the land of fairytales!!...

Enter the enchanted world of Fab Bag and travel through the whimsical forests with sweet fragrances. Win your man with the gorgeously hydrated locks and pucker up with the magical colour changing lipstick that expresses your mood. You definitely don’t need a fairy god mother this August the Fab Bag is here to cast the spell for you!!

Inside the August Fab Bag

  • Fran Wilsom Mood Matcher Lipstick – Orange   Rs 590/-
  • Roots Professional Morocvita Oil  Rs 2000/- for 120ml
  • Ital Veloce Fine Fragnance Mist –Valvatina  Rs 499/- for 210 ml
  • Divo Eyelash Curler  Rs 125/-
  • Sebastian Volupt Spray  Rs 1450/- for 150ml

Got your Wedding Dress Ready? Now you just need the August Fab Bag to mesmerise a Prince!!

Morocvita Argan Oil for the Royal Mane

No more the Damsel in distress, just use 3 drops of this enchanting oil and tips of hair and Instantly detangle... this oil will cast an enchanting spell on your mane..
This non greasy oil penetrates into damaged hair cuticles, leaving hair healthy from the root to tip. This 100% organic oil is enriched with Vitamin A and E to achieve shining and strong Rapunzel like locks.

FAB TIP: Apply a few drops to damp, towel dried hair from the roots to ends. Comb through for a natural leave in conditioner...

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Fran Wilson Mood Matcher Lipstick by De Rene

Sealed with a kiss, Leave him spellbound with the mood changing lipsticks. This Magical Lipstick reacts to your body chemistry to transform into a picture perfect hue...Each shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly personalized lip color. Experience the rich, natural moisturizing and super-long-lasting 12-hour powers of this color bomb that just won't wear off, even when eating, drinking or kissing! * 12-hour staying power

I used this twice, yesterday I  was in a foul mood so it was just transparent  on my lips and today I was in a happy mood  when I applied it had a pink hue but after 15 minutes  it turned rose pink. Wow, indeed it is a magical lipstick that changes with your mood...

If you are fond of light nude to rose pink lipsticks with a bit of gloss, then this definitely for you!! 

Fab Tip: Leave on for around 5 minutes for the magic to work before adding gloss for the extra shine.

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Sebastian Volupt Spray:

Oily Limpy Thin hair? Instantly volumise your hair with the Sebastian Volupt Spray. After a shampoo and back comb, spray the Sebastian Volupt Spray and watch the magic... Instantly volumes your hair, no more limpy hair just looks like Princess Barbie doll!! 

How to use:

Shake well to activate its 2-phase formula. Spray on damp hair. Blow-dry for extra body. Or air-dry to enhance waves and curls.

 Ital Veloce Body Mist Valvatina Genie in a Bottle

I hope you don’t plan to meet your prince charming with a body odour, no worries just use the Ital Veloce body mist this surely has a fragrance of an enchanted forest as you have read and heard in fairytales, not too strong but just the right scent...

This mild enchanting fragrance will last all day long with refreshing floral and fruity tones it somehow reminds me of my Burberry body deodorant. 

Fab Tip: Spray the body mist right after taking a shower. The moisture on the skin helps lock in the fragrance...

Divo Eyelash Curler for Fluttering Lashes

This is must have make up tool suits all eye shapes. It has a non-slip grid and helps you to apply appropriate amounts of pressure to curl lashes for that fluttering doe- eyed look... Divo will make sure that your prince falls in love with at first sight!!

Fab Tip: Heat Your Eyelash Curler with a blow dryer so your lashes curl more easily and hold the shape longer.

Fab Tip 2: Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler while applying Mascara at the same time to them curled longer.

So, our damsel in distress finally managed to mesmerise her prince charming all thanks to the August Fab Bag and look he cant wait to wed!!

Buy the August Fab Bag and ready to be charmed!! All products can be also purchased separately...