Lux Presents - “Plush” First Shower Fragrance Mousse Collection!!

This is incredible news  “ The House of Lux ” contacted me this month to be their  Ambassador for their global beauty blogger programme, from now I am officially a Lux Ambassador and a part of Exclusive list of 13 Bloggers around the world!!

It feels great to be among these 13 Lux Ambassador’s  around the world, I am probably the first person in India to have a special sneak peak at the latest Lux Plush Collection which is a one of kind shower mousse collection with fine fragrance. 

This gorgeous kit with two bottles of the plush collection 400ml each was posted to me from Singapore via DHL this Saturday!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I set my eyes on this kit it’s beautiful!!

Invitation from the "House of Lux" to be one of their exclusive Blogger's.

Bathing Mousse which included in the kit were:

The Luxurious  scent  of Midnight and Arabian Oud created by  Master Perfumer Violet Zar. (Purple Labelled Bottle)

The Pampering scent of Snow peonies, French Vanilla and White Camellia also by Master Perfumer Violet Zar. (Black Labelled Bottle)

The labels are written in Chinese so, I had to read from the leaflet’s included. The Lux Plush Collection is only available in China.

If you are fond of aromatherapy make sure to you get your hands on these as soon as they launch these in the Indian markets as of now they are only available in China. If you truly love going to spa’s make your spa appointment at home every day when you bath and indulge in the enchanting fragrance of the new Lux Plush collection.

The Luxourius scent of Midnight Iris and Arabian Oud by Master Perfumer Violet Zar 

Sensual drama of flamenco dance with the fusion of Midnight Iris, Red Jasmine, and Arabian Oud.  A very delicate fragrance of jasmine blended in bathing mousse packed in 400ml purple labelled bottle with a pump.  Say No To Loofah’s!!

Fragrance Personality 

A fragrance that is sophistication personified can only be for the most elegant women with an air of mystique, who always leaves them wanting more.

The Pampering scent of Snow peonies, French Vanilla and White Camellia also by Master Perfumer Violet Zar. 

Vibrant fragrance of opulent flowers of Georgia ‘O’ Keefe with the notes of Bergamot, Tuberose and French Vanilla. A very soothing fragrance of Vanilla blended in bathing mousse packed in 400ml black bottle with a pump. Who needs Loofah’s?

Fragrance Personality

For the Ultra- feminine woman whose  presence simply says, " I am a women, and I love it"

"The Lux Plush Collection" which will soon launched globally. For the first time Lux is launching a cleansing mousse collection infused with the most precious ingredients by the finest perfumers.

Advantage of Lux Plush Mousse Bathing Wash over Gel based Body Washes:

  • Say no to Loofah’s just pump it and apply the rich lathery mousse all over your body for sensual bathing experience.
  • Less Wastage of Bathing Product since it is a foam you end up saving a lot of product  whereas the gel bathing washes  go to waste, as you have to first pour them over loofah and then apply all over body.
  • Just burn some tealights in bathroom and experience the pleasure of spa at home!

 "I will keep you updated with the latest  products from Lux Always!!"

                          >>>>>>>>>New Post On Lux Plush Collection<<<<<<<


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