Diwali With Rickshaw Recycle

"I Believe In A Noise Free Diwali, Say No To Crackers!!" 

I have been a client of Rickshaw Recycle for two years now. I am in love with their products, every thing they create is made with 100% recycled paper their products are eco-friendly and help in keeping our environment green. I love their flower tealights they are made with braille paper handcrafted by blind kids. When you buy a tealight from Rickshaw Recycle you help these kids to have a livelihood and in turn help our environment as well !

"Say No To Crackers!!" not only they create a lot of sound pollution but also air pollution. Asthmatic patients remain at home and do not celebrate Diwali due to fear of an attack. Lets pledge not to burn crackers this year and only use tealights and earthen diyas. Make it Happy Deepawali as it traditionally use to be!

Rickshaw Recycle has been successfully able to motivate their clients to buy recycled products. Their products are beautiful and eco-friendly! I would recommend you all you purchase from this store and make this Diwali a memorable one!!

New collection of Diwali gift @ rickshaw recycle and decor ideas features an extensive use of Braille paper

Hanging Lanterns



Their new collection of Diwali Tealights and decor ideas also features an extensive use of Braille paper as well.

Recycle Rickshaw Store This Diwali 2016

Everything is made with 100% recycled paper.....

Marigold flowers made recycled crepe paper

My Collection from Recycle Rickshaw

I love these Tea- lights so much. They turned out to extremely economical I purchased these all on my last Diwali and then I stacked them in my cupboard, look they are good as new!!

I purchased a number of the hanging marigold flowers this year, they are extremely beautiful!!!

The collection is available at Rickshaw Recycle, G 2 Plot 11 Rakesh Deep Bldg, Community Centre, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi 110049 or if you wish to order online, make a selection from the pictures in the album and email the codes and quantities to xyrickshaw@gmail.com.

Happy Deepawali!!