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The House of Lux” contacted me in 2016 to be their  Ambassador for their global beauty blogger programme, since then I am officially a Lux Ambassador and a part of Exclusive list of 13 Bloggers around the world!!

It was an amazing journey till now to be among these 13 Lux Ambassador’s  around the world, I was probably the first person in India to have a special sneak peak at the latest Lux Plush Collection which is a one of kind shower mousse collection with fine fragrance. This gorgeous kit with two bottles of the plush collection 400ml each was posted to me from Singapore. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I set my eyes on this kit it’s beautiful!!

I have been using "Lux Plush Collection" for more than six months. It is has been a relaxing bathing experience that I wish to speak to you about....

The Lux Plush Collection kit from The House of Lux, wow isn't a sight for sore eyes! 

All doors to luxury bathing experience are opened.... :)

The Lux Plush Collection is available in China in five different packaging and fragrances.

Black : The Pampering Scent of Snow peonies, French Vanilla, and White Camelia
Purple: The Luxurious Scent of Midnight Iris & Arabian Oud
White: The Creamy Scent of Coconut Milk & White Orchids
Green: The Sparkling Scent of Mediterranean Neroli & Green Tea
Red   : The Opulent Scent of Turkish Rose & Golden Amber

My Lux Plush Collection Kit:

The Pampering scent of Snow peonies, French Vanilla and White Camellia also by Master Perfumer Violet Zar. 

Vibrant fragrance of opulent flowers of Georgia ‘O’ Keefe with the notes of Bergamot, Tuberose and French Vanilla. A very soothing fragrance of Vanilla blended in bathing mousse packed in 400ml black bottle with a pump. Who needs Loofah’s?

Fragrance Personality
For the Ultra- feminine woman whose  presence simply says, " I am a women, and I love it"

The Luxourius scent of Midnight Iris and Arabian Oud by Master Perfumer Violet Zar 

Sensual drama of flamenco dance with the fusion of Midnight Iris, Red Jasmine, and Arabian Oud.  A very delicate fragrance of jasmine blended in bathing mousse packed in 400ml purple labelled bottle with a pump.  Say No To Loofah’s!!

Fragrance Personality 
A fragrance that is sophistication personified can only be for the most elegant women with an air of mystique, who always leaves them wanting more.

My Lux Fragrance Experience:

A real treat to your senses this cleansing mousse is infused with the most precious ingredients, Master perfumer Violet Zar designed these. All you need to do is pump up the bottle and use the cleansing mouse directly over wet body. This Cleansing Mousse is extremely gentle on your body and spreads easily. Just two pumps are enough to bath. No need to use loofahs, its gentle enough for the most sensitive skins and even for babies.

I love bathing with it almost everyday. Its been more then six months and It still has a lot of product left in the bottle. Which makes it very affordable luxury experience.

"Who doesn't want to bath  every morning with a Cleansing mousse designed just for you by the World's Best Perfumers at Lux" ?

Advantage of Lux Plush Mousse Bathing Wash over Gel based Body Washes:

  • Say No to Loofah’s just pump it and apply the rich lathery cleansing mousse all over your body for sensual bathing experience.
  • Less wastage of bathing product since it is mousse, you end up saving a lot of product  whereas the gel based bathing washes go to waste, as you have to first pour them over a loofah and then apply all over body.
  • Just burn some tealights in bathroom and experience the pleasure of spa at home!
  • Quick and Easy Luxury Fragrance Experience

What do you need daily? Just A Little Lux .....

Share you stories of Lux Experience with #StoryOfMyLuxLife, This one is mine now I am waiting for yours!

Lux Global Beauty Ambassador


  1. you look so divine Surabhi ji, i have no choice but to worship you and surrender my ego at your feet

    1. Thank-you Leo, Hows your health? I am sure you are fit and healthy now!!

    2. WOW, i am amazed you remember, yes Goddess, i am perfectly fine now, surgery was a success they got 100% of the cancer out. I saw you as Goddess Durga when i was unconscious during the surgery.

    3. Din't I tell you nothing will happen to you!! :) God Bless..

  2. Big Congratulations dear 💐💐💐💐💐 aap deserve karti hain, pata hai aap ekdum Karishma kapoor ki tarah dikhti hain 😍😍
    Ye collection to bahut accha dikh raha hai 👍👍👍👍👍 aap lucky ho jo aapko mila😊

    1. Thankyou so much Anita Ji, I hope you will enjoy using Lux Products...

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