Kiko Milano Active Fluo Collection - Peacock Eyeshadow

Kiko Milano Active Fluo Capsule Collection eyeshadow pallete is made up of vibrant blast of colours. You can apply a beautiful peacock eyeshadow with it by blending in the blues and greens or go just go psychedelic sixty's!

Kiko Milano Active Fluo Eyeshadow Pallete
Peacock Eyeshadow

Create a beautiful day look by mixing in the orange, pink or green Or just blend in the blues and purple for stunning evening look. I decided to create a peacocky eyeshadow and results were amazing!

This pallete including six vibrant matte eyeshadows, which will be a little difficult to blend in if you are newbie. Please allow 20 minutes for your eye makeup and carefully blend in the colours.

Eyeshadows used to create the look:

Yellow in the inner corner of the eye.
Green from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelids.
Blue from the mid section to the corners.
Purple at the corners of the eye.
Use blending brush to finish the look.

Use a teal or a turquoise eyeliner and loads of Mascara to finish the look!

Lipstick: Kiko Milano Active Fluo No.1 Coral
Lipliner: Kiko Milano Active Fluo No.1 Coral
Eyeliner: Sephora retractable waterproof (Tourquise)
Mascara: Benefit, they are real! (Black)

Kiko Active Fluo Eyeshadow Pallete (Limited Edition)
Original MRP:        Rs 1780/- 
Sale 60% Price:     Rs 712/-


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