Suparna Trikha Herbal Floral Sindoor

Herbal Sindoor by Suparna Trikha is made from Flowers! 🌸🌷 

Sindoor is vermilion which is applied on the parting of the hair and can be also used as kumkum on your forehead. Usage of sindoor by a woman implies that she is already married. All these are symbols of marriage for Hindu women. Many believe that wearing these could ward off bad omen....... 

Sindoor or vermillion  is traditionally applied at the beginning or completely along the parting-line of a woman’s hair also called maang in Hindi. It is considered as a prominent symbol of being married among Hindu women but over the period of time in metrolpolitan households indoor has become a trend and not rule. Many women in India are married into strict traditional families and they are not allowed to leave their room without the application of Sindoor and Bindi. It's is a strict NO-NO!!

In metropolitan cities due to globalisation, the sindoor is a must apply only during Navratra’s, Karvachauth or on a Wedding Anniversary. I do the same as my in-laws are liberal!

Suparna Trikha's Herbal Sindoor

Sindoor, also popularly known as kumkum in the southern part of India, is commonly used by all married Hindu women as it signifies the sacred bond of marriage. 

"Some women even use it to make a dot on the forehead on the spot between the brows which is considered the seat of latent wisdom, the ajna chakra. it is called a bindi in Northern India as I have applied in the picture above."

The Sindoor does not only enhance your beauty but also keeps you in sync to the customs and rituals of Hindu marriage system in a balanced manner. You can flaunt your marital status in pride and elegance!

Shanka Pola from Anjali Jewellers, Kolkata

In olden days, sindoor was made at home using turmeric powder, alum, camphor, saffron, sandalwood and beetroot extracts but in the present times this sacred red powder is made with harmful chemicals and dyes which is synthetic & toxic in nature, so women must use it carefully as it has health hazards beyond imagination

Chemical composition of synthetic sindoor in the market today:

The synthetic dye industry grows low-priced red dyes termed as sindoor and may contain the following ingredients

  • Vermillion, reddish orange element which is a powdered form of cinnabar
  • Chemical dyes, lead and other synthetic materials
  • Powered crude red lead, Pb304
  • Rhodamine B dye
  • Mercury sulphite

There are many unbranded synthetic blood red powders available at cheap rates in the market. Manufacturers aim at producing the sindoor in bulk so they use any local dye which is readily available along with toxic substances. These are in rich red colour which makes them very attractive but women don’t look at ingredients while buying. 

Some famous brands of sindoor might say they are herbal but please look at the back of the packaging and check the ingredients. In case you find any that I have mentioned above please don't apply!

Side effects of using Synthetic Sindoor

  • Skin cancer, due to mercury sulphite
  •   Rashes, Itching, Hair loss from the partition of hair
  • Hereditary disorders, due to rhodamine B dye
  • Itching and dandruff problems
  • Food poisoning, if consumed by mistake
  • Harmful for brain, kidney, eyes and reproductive system if inhaled
  • Lead poisoning

Herbal Sindoor by Suparna Trikha is made from Flowers! 🌸🌷 

Suparna Trikha's herbal sindoor is safe formulation containing herbs and flowers such as hibiscus, marigold, rakt chandhan and other. Its free from harmful ingredients like Mercury and lead and the one's that are associated with hair loss.

My review

I have been using this Sindoor for a long time, it is beautifully packed in sindoor dani made out of lakh (the traditional rajasthani boxes). It is a brilliant crimson red in powdered form, just apply a inch of it between the parting of your hair. Its fragrant and does not cause any kind of rashes or hair loss!! I even use it on my forehead as bindi. 

This sindoor adds a lot of glamour to a modern day bride and makes you look so beautiful!


  •            Affordable
  •            Herbal
  •            Bright Crimson Red Colour suits all indian complexions
  •            Beautiful Box


  •            Not Waterproof
  •            Its runs out of stock really fast

Stay Safe

  •   Use Herbal Sindoor              
  • Use natural components like turmeric and alum to make sindoor
  • Avoid using the cheap powder available in the market
  • Use red lipstick or a red liner as an alternative
  • Do not buy the product if manufactured with chemicals
  •   Buy  good herbal brands which do not contain lead or mercury
  • Consult a skin specialist if a major change is noticed
  • Keep it away from the reach of small children
  • Use small amount of sindoor only an inch 


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"Best Wishes on this Durga Pooja and Navratri. Use Herbal Sindoor and enjoy your marital status with pride. Invoke the Goddess in you!!"


  1. Mere paas sindur hai, acchi quality ka hai bhi lakin aaj aapne bataya ki haldi n alum se bhi sindoor bana sakte hain 👍👍 thanks for sharing
    Main lipstick se hi sindur laga leti hu, powder form sirf festivals per 😊

  2. Mujhy yaad hai, is per maine comment kita tha aur DIY sindur k liye thanks bhi bola tha,
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