MG HECTOR The Internet Car: All You Need To Know

I was recently invited to the #MGDrivein event on 2nd April 2019 at JW Marriot, Aerocity, New Delhi.  To witness the revolutionary technology that will drive the next generation of MG Motors, Morris Garages. Where the car of the future MGHector by was unveiled! Though I am a Beauty Blogger, I also have a keen interest in cars and I also write about lifestyle! so, here is information about the MG Hector which will be launched in May 2019

This Car is Supercool! Imagine a car that can stay connected to the internet always, Imagine a car that you can talk to while driving and she responds to you just like a human.

Your car is now your companion for life, It’s a human thing with Hector! 


MG HECTOR Drive in

Benedict Cumberbatch - Brand Ambassador for MGHector India

MG (Morris Garages) Motor India had announced British actor Benedict Cumberbatch as its brand ambassador for this futuristic SUV or Dr. Strange of Avengers as most of you probably know him. (A Perfect Partner)

Commenting on his association with MG, Mr Benedict Cumberbatch said, “I have grown up seeing and reading about MGB’s and MG Midgets, recognising MG as a classic and iconic brand. I am delighted to be part of the launch of the new MG in India with the MG Hector, which may well be a classic of the future.”

The British carmaker will begin its Indian journey with the MG Hector, which is based on the Baojun 530. The premium mid-size SUV has been modified to adapt to the Indian conditions. MG Motor India has already commenced its manufacturing operations at its factory in Halol, Gujarat. The MG Hector will be the first connected SUV in India and will come with internet capabilities.

MG HECTOR is named after the legendary British biplane of the same name, the name hector draws inspiration from the noble qualities of the Trojan warrior hero - Prince Hector Of Troy. It pays homage to the great british engineering tradition, as a nod to the Royal Hector Biplane, used by the Royal Air Force in the 1930s. 'Hector' stands for everything Strong, Bold, Trustworthy and Dependable.

The MG Hector is going to be a thorough bred connected SUV with an in-built eSIM and a 10.4-inch touchscreen!

This SUV has MG’s iSMART Next Gen system which runs on an in-car Android-based tablet with 4G connectivity. This enables the SUV to pack features like emergency calls, vehicle status, remote control for the sunroof, tailgate and door lock, voice commands for vehicle controls, real-time traffic updates and a lot more. In fact, the system is even 5G-ready and will receive over the air updates for software and applications.

The Head Unit with eSim and 10.4" Touchscreen 

The iSmart is a complete integrated system which combines software, hardware, connectivity, services and application. MG Motor has partnered with iSmart, Cisco, Unlimit, Airtel, Microsoft, TomTom, Accuweather, Panasonic, Nuance, Adobe, Cognizant, SAP, itelligence and Gaana among others to come up with over 100 connectivity features. 

  • MG Hector the Internet car would understand and obey voice commands
  • This car will always stay connected to the internet
  • Connected mobility via Airtel sim 4G
  • It has an embedded machine to machine eSim
  • 360 Degree Camera
  • 16 GB Internal Memory
  • The connectivity of this car is 5G ready
  • Live Traffic updates
  • Live Weather updates
  • Mood Lighting
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  • It can be controlled remotely or via remote app
  • It  has safety and security features from passenger safety to cyber security
  • This system has an inbuilt Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities to improve user experience
  • It will keep upgrading with (OTA) over the air updates.
  • Supports Android and Apple

Rajeev Chaba, MD of MG India

It's touch screen or entertainment screen is a massive 10.4-inch touchscreen tablet in portrait orientation. This comes preloaded with entertainment content which will be refreshed periodically OTA.

The screen offers different themes, based on user experience. It can withstand the extremes of temperature and climate conditions prevelant in India.

This screen can display and lets you control or monitor most of the in-car functions like tyre pressure monitoring, climate control, weather updates, traffic updates, 360-degree camera, mood lighting and has 16GB of internal memory along with a file manager. This system also supports Android and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Voice Assistant:

Say, "Hello, MG!!"

By saying “Hello, MG” to activate the in-car control system you can enjoy a safe journey with better interaction between you and your MG. The assistant adapts Indian-English pronunciation so the car system can hear you correctly. It has an advanced machine learning capability to learn and customise itself for each user over time.

The AI Based voice Assistant is enabled over 100 voice commands to control the vehicle. These include commands like:

  • Open Sunroof
  • Climate control
  • Open windows
  • Radio controls (AM, FM, DRM)

iSmart Mobile App

Every MG Hector owner would also get a downloads smart App for their mobile phones. The app when fired up scans the car is fully locked.

  • Vehicle Scanning to check parameters
  • Fuel level 
  • Lock/Unlock Status
  • Remotely switch on climate control on hot day when the car has been standing in the sun.
  • Find My Car 
  • Set geo fence
  • Security Alert
  • Abnormal Tyre Pressure
  • Vehicle Management
  • Create Travel Plan 
  • iSmart Smart Drive helps users to drive smartly
  • Speed Alert
  • Mg Network Notification
  • Departure Notification

Adobe Experience Cloud

Mg starts its relationship with the customer long before they have owned an MG. Their website and other digital assests allow customers to find all information at one place conveniently and know more as they desire. The seamless customer experience is provided by Adobe Cloud

E - Call  or Emergency Call

All MG cars would come with a E- Call Feature. This is an instant emergency response system. In case of a accident where airbags are deployed, E- call is automatically triggered to the MG's customer care centre. If there is no response by the owner then they call the emergency contact.

Maps and Navigation By TomTom

MG hector ismart comes with embedded maps and navigation. TomTom are the global leader in automotive navigation. 600 Million vehicles on road are using there Navigation system and with the iSMART Next Gen app, you can have complete control over your journey in the MG Hector. It helps you reach your destination in the shortest time by showing you real-time traffic updates.

With the iSMART Next Gen app, you can have complete control over your journey in the MG Hector. It helps you reach your destination in the shortest time by showing you real-time traffic update.

Infotainment Touchscreen

MUSIC by Gaana

The car would be loaded with the Gaana App and a Premium Account with ad free music and download capability. So with all these amazing tech features, all we have to do is just wait for the car to launch in India.  Now, Are you also as excited?

Gaana has made full use of the large 10.4" head Unit to offer more visibility to song artworks and added features for entertainment.

Know your Vehicle Status:

You can always stay updated about the condition of the MG Hector with the iSMART Next Gen app. Before every journey, you can be sure that your car is in perfect health.

Remote Vehicle Control

The MG Hector accepts your commands from the iSMART Next Gen app. You can control the temperature, sunroof, tailgate and door lock with just a few clicks.

Find My Car

With the MG Hector, you needn’t worry where you parked your car. The ‘Find My Car’ feature on the iSMART Next Gen app instantly shows the shortest route to your car.

Geo Fence

The geo fencing technology on the MG Hector takes car security to a whole new level. It detects if your car has left the pre-set perimeter and alerts you about it instantly.

Infinite Experience

SAP the world leaders in ERP Solutions have patterned with MG India. This system integrates the company, its dealers, service centres and customers on one platform with all the information flowing seamlessly. 

Every time a prospective customer comes in contact with MG, the data is captured, and the customer is recognised. Thus, when a customer walks into a dealer for information, the information is already available. The ensures frictionless interaction making it lot faster for the customer to buy and own a MG Car.

The same system takes over once the car is purchased. Regular service reminders are available on iSmart App, which would also make it easy for customer to schedule a booking. 
When the car reaches the service centre, it is automatically recognised. Alerts are notified when the car is ready.

The iSmart Techonology makes MG Hector the Internet Car. 

Say: "Hello, MG!!" You will be never alone in your car, Your Companion for life!!

  • MG Hector launch confirmed For (Summer) May 2019.
  • Connected SUV with its own Android-based OS.
  • Both petrol and diesel engine options.
  • Prices expected to start from Rs INR 14 lakh.

  • " The Future Is Calling!! "