Journey to Mehendipur Balaji

“Exorcise you Inner Demons - Mehandipur Balaji Temple is famous for ritualistic healing and exorcism of evil spirits.”

II भूत पिसाच निकट नहिं आवै
महाबीर जब नाम सुनावै II

Lord Hanuman also known as Sankat Mochan, Panchmukhi or Balaji is a Hindu God, A devotee of Rama. He is a central character in the Ramayana and its various versions. He also finds mention in several other texts,  A vanara (The monkey god who lives in forest i.e. 'vana' ie forest), Hanuman participated in Rama's war against the demon king Ravana

"It is said that the sure antidote of evil effects of Shanee's (Saturn) or Mangal (Mars) is to  worship Lord Hanuman."

Mehandipur Balaji is known for the special problems of devotees, which are somehow related to supernatural powers and Black magic & Exorcism. Balaji is for overall well being and for wishes to come true. In Mehandipur the idol of Lord is in his childhood state also known as ‘Bal Hanuman’.  

"It is also proven that if your loved ones are under a possession of a Evil Spirit or suffering from Black Magic - Balaji Maharaj, Kotwal Bhairav ji & Pretraj Sarkar will themselves do the exorcism of your loved ones."


  • A person who is suffering from evil spirits & ghosts for a long time gets treated partially or completely by required methods inside the temple.
  • Tuesdays and Saturdays are associated with Lord Hanuman that’s why a large number of devotees from all over the country come here for darshan.


"Did you ever think the spirits exist? You must have seen exorcisms in the The Movie Conjuring and its series, The Exorcist, The Nun, or All Hindi Ramsay Movies but I have seen one here with my very own eyes!!" 

I have always believed in the presence of evil spirits and ghosts in the past. At the temple I saw the things I have never seen before. The affected people of possession were shouting & screaming badly. They were slamming their heads on the wall. Some were falling intentionally from top of the stairs while a few were holding heavy stones on their body.  I saw some of them challenging god “Tu kya Chahtha hai? Kya begad lega mera?” Some were drinking water from the gutter, tearing their clothes off and abusing God very rudely. A few of them were head standing all day long, some women were continuously rotating their head clockwise with their hair open.

When was trying to do darshan of Kotwal Bhairav Ji, I heard man behind me, making scary noises behind like “hmmmmmmm” “hmmmmm” completely going insane. I stepped back and let him go in front, that's how petrified I was!! throughout my darshan I felt confused and lost I never felt like this before in my life.
These were horrifying scenes seemed like they were punishing themselves for a serious crime; a crime the person did not even know about. If you look properly you might find some blood marks on the walls of the temple, It is believed Balaji gives 3rd Degree to Ghosts & Evil spirits here!!

World famous psychriatists, Scientists and Doctors of AIIMS have come here to do a  study of the temple. Many scientists of the were able to confirm by Infrared & ultrasound recordings that there was a supernatural identity wearing a crown (Pretraj Sarkar) and fighting back with demons dunking them into fire!!

Video credit: Sanjay RJ 23 on YouTube


On 29th July 2019, We started our journey from New Delhi at 11 am in the morning. We booked a Cab from You can also book a volvo to Dausa. It took us around 5 hours to cover the 270 km distance to Mehandipur Balaji in Rajasthan. We took the route of Delhi-Noida-Agra Expressway to Bharatpur-NH11 Jaipur Highway- to Mehandipur.

Agra Expressway is the most clean & fastest route to the temple though, google maps will display it to be longer than the Gurgoan- Alwar route. There is also great food court on the way to Mathura 7.3 Km from Vrindavan. Where you can eat from a great variety to multicuisine to choose from. If you are non vegetarian please avoid eating any remain vegetarian even on way to the temple.


At 4 pm we reached our destination The Vedanta Sara Hotel, Mehendipur Balaji where we had already made our reservations through OYO Rooms however you can directly book your's at the hotel website as well. This cozy hotel is only 10 min walking distance to the Temple. Multi-cuisine veg restaurant is on the first floor, All rooms are equipped with hot and cold showers,Tv and Room service is also available. House keeping will be happy provide you with basic essentials if you have missed to carry them in your luggage. Room rent starts from Rs 1600/- per night.

There are also other Dharamshala’s nearby to the temple where you can stay if you are on a tight budget. They will be happy to accommodate you in their rooms costing Rs 500/- per night. They are also have veg meals avialable for Rs 50/-


It is believed that the present-day forms of the ‘Divine Trinity’ i.e. BalaJi Hanuman, Pret Raj Sarkar and Kotwal Bhairav Ji, was found in the ‘Mehandipur Dham’ appeared around thousands of years ago in a valley, amidst the hills of the Aravali Range. This area was once covered by a thick and dense forest, full of wild animals. A priest had a dream in which Sri Balaji Maharaj had indicated three divine deities and a magnificent temple. He had also heard a divine voice ordering him to serve for Sri Balaji Hanuman. Lord Sri Balaji finally appeared and showed him the place in the forest where the temple and the three Divine Forms were found.


Shree Ram Darbar
Shree Ram Darbar
Morning 6:00- 6:15 AM
Morning 6:10- 6:25 AM
Evening 7:00- 7:15 PM
Evening 7:00- 7:15 PM
Shree Balaji Darbaar
Shree Balaji Darbaar
Morning 6:15 – 6:45 AM
Morning 6:25 – 6:55 PM
Evening 7:15 – 7:45 AM
Evening 6:35 – 7:05 PM

The Temple is closed on Ekadashi and on Eclipse.

 VIP entry for INR Rs 700/- is allowed at 10 am


  1. Please be a Vegetarian on your visit to the temple, If you can avoid eating Onion - Garlic that would be great otherwise its ok!
  2. Do not wear any leather to the temple try to wear loose clothes like Indian Traditional, Plazo, Pyjama or Capri pants, Jeans with loose T-shirt is also fine. 
  3. Empty all the food packets, water bottles as you leave the village. 
  4. Do not talk to strangers or even accidentally try to touch inside the temple.
  5. Women should totally avoid wearing any short skirts or dresses to the temple. This is a village and people over here are very traditional and conservative.
  6. Women can keep their hair open, Men & Women don’t need to cover their head here.
  7. Women should also avoid visiting the temple during their monthly cycles it’s a strict NO-NO!!
  8. Do not carry any prasad, food or water from this temple back home its Forbidden.

Rituals that can be followed in the Mehandipur Balaji Temple

  1. Durkhasta

  1. Arzi 

  1. Savamani

  1. Holy Water of Balaji 


Any devotee visiting the temple can do this, There is also a VIP entry at 10 am which will cost you INR Rs 700 per head, you can speak to hotel reception for this service they will guide you there.

We attended both the morning and evening prayer before visiting the temple. It took us only 5 minutes to enter the temple through VIP Pass and another 15 min to visit all temples.

When you visit the first time you need to take small durkhasta ladoos  for Rs 20/- from any shop outside. You will be provided with two plates of these durkhasta laddoos, each containing 4-5 ladoos. The timing of Durkhasta is after morning prayer.  One plate is to inform the god that you have come for his blessings and the second one is for requesting his help to achieve something or solving your key problems. With great respect and clean heart you need to offer these two plates to the priests standing in front of Balaji Hanuman. The priest will pick the offering as much as he wants to add to the fire burning in front of the deity “Balaji”. When you are praying (durkhasta) in front of balaji make a promise to him that if your wishes come true you would come back with Savamani.

You have move with the crowd and then you do the same thing to Pretraj Sarkar and then for Kotwal Bhairav Ji you have to climb the stairs. After last offering, eat 2 ladoo out of the left over bhog in your hand from the 2 plates. There will be more left in your containers even after this.  encircle these 2 plates around your head 7 times anticlockwise and throw it backwards and look backwards and keep walking out of the temple!

You will see & hear women and men shouting and screaming, behaving just like patient with mental illness these are devotees that balaji and pretraj ji sarkar are doing exorcism  on, they are need of help as they suffering from possession. Don’t stare at them or laugh at them just ignore them do your darshan in the temple and leave. You will find hundreds of people like this the temple. 

This is actually very scary experience as many of them bang their heads towards the wall or the ground. Many devotees suffering from violent possessions are often found chain to the walls of the temple to protect them and the other devotees.

Once  you are done with your visit to this temple then you need to visit Ram Darbar and “Samadhi”area which is open ground where the idol of the priest who balaji gave darshan to.


Arzi cannot be done by all visitors. There are some strict rules & regulations, to do a Arzi at Balaji

  1. Do not eat any Non-Veg, Onion Garlic for 41 days before visiting temple.

  1. Married devotee couples must follow strict “brahmacharya” for 41 days.

  1. Married or unmarried devotee must sleep on floor mattress for 41 days before visiting the temple.

‘Arzi’ can be purchased from a shop their has a fix cost of  Rs 270/- that includes 1.25 kg of ‘ladoo’, 2.25 kg of ‘urad dal’ and 4.25 kg of ‘boiled rice’ that we can buy early morning. Arzi can only be done from 6 am in the morning after morning arti after 10 am no Arzi is accepted.

There is no VIP entry to Arzi. It may take upto 3-4 hours in the queue for the darshan for Balaji.  On peak days it may take even more. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday’s are peak days expect at least a waiting time on week days. Week days are best for arzi if you cannot stand in the que for longer periods of time.

First you need to offer ladoos to all three deities and rest was supposed to be thrown away,  Remember to eat two ladoos after praying to Lord Balaji, Pretraj Sarkar ji and Kotwal Bhairav ji. Offer boiled rice and urad dal in two separate containers which only  for the Pretraj Sarkar and Kotwal Bhairav Ji. It will take took you few more minutes to do darshan of Kotwal Bhairav and Pretraj Ji Sarkar.

Eat the two ladoos as Prasad. Encircle these 2 plates around around your head 7 times anticlockwise and throw it backwards and don’t look backwards and keep walking out of the temple! You can return the plates to the shopkeeper.

It is important that you NEVER LOOK BACKWARDS after that and then walk out of the area to your bus or car or hotel and get out of the town. The reason for not looking back is that if there are any evil spirits behind you, they will not follow you and you must not eat anywhere in that area after you have done your prayers. You should simply leave and travel out of that town then. 

Keep in mind that whenever your wish comes true or some issue to be resolved do tell Balaji that once he grants wishes you will come back again to the temple to offer savamani (done only on Tuesdays and Saturdays).


Savamani means Bhog for the Balaji Maharaj.  Once your wishes come true, make sure that you come to the temple for Savamani prasad  which includes Halwa Puri and Ladoo Puri Bhog for the gods. The Bhog will be given to the gods Balaji, Pretraj sarkar and Kotwal Bhairav to express your gratitude towards them.

Holy water of Balaji:

Every morning  the holy water of Balaji is sprinkled on devotees attending the Aarti. There is pure continuous stream of water flowing through the heart of the idol of Balaji maharaja and nobody has been able to explain its source till now.

Ram Darbur:

Ram darbur is right next to the temple there is que for it so  you can visit this temple right after the darshan of Tridevs and you can also take the prasad of ram mandir home. Do not carry prasad of Balaji Temple to home is Forbidden.


Samadhi area is an open ground with the idol of priest who Balaji gave darshan to. Make sure that you take 7 Parikarma of the Samadhi area and keep praying. Also, here again you will see women and men shouting and screaming they are behave as they are absolutely insane these are devotees that Balaji Maharaja and Pretraj ji sarkar are doing exorcism on (Giving them 3rd Degree), they are need of help as they suffering from possession. 

Don’t stare at them or laugh at them just ignore them do your Parikrama and leave. You will find hundreds of devotees behaving like a maniac here.

I saw a man barking like dog and then he tried to dug a hole and dunk his head inside, Also there were countless women and men who cannot just stand the sound of bells from temple go berserk!!

I felt like I was in the “Twilight Zone” itself!! another dimension and another time or world where nothing is in the hands of humans anymore. Everything there is being operated by the divine power! 

This temple will overwhelm and humble you. You will finally get see the war of the gods and evil with your very own eyes; As if Invisible Avengers are fighting against the evil Thor and after visiting this temple, you will never deny the existence of spirits again. The most powerful is God and humans are so insignificant!! 


  1. Inka naam to suna tha , kabhi janey ka mauka bhi nahi mila per itna details mujhe pehli baar pata laga
    Hope aapki tabiyat kuch thik hogi

    1. You should definitely go!!! I am on my road to recovery .. Thankyou!!


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