My Crown & Sashes Have Arrived!! - Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen


Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen Season 2 was a Virtual / Online Pageant due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines. I was declared as the winner of Quarantine Queen and subtitle winner of Mrs Talented for my beautiful fluid art paintings. 

It was an early christmas for me this year. I finally received my crown trophy from Mrs India Universe Organisation. They are beautiful and it was extremely proud moment for me to wear the Sashes and Crown.

You can the watch the videos below for more details.

This is beautiful Rhinestone encrusted crown is surely a heart stealer. I love the sashes the most!!

I have been blogger for 11 years and this first time i had participated in Mrs India pageant. The results turned out to be positive. Now, I am also the finalist for Mrs India Universe 2020-21 Pageant to be held in Dubai.