Vice President International Foundation of Women


After winning the "Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen" and I was appointed for the post ofVice President from Delhi, India - International Foundation of Women for a period of one year.
I have always been an advocate of women empowerment and I am  extremely happy to be a part of IFW."

The International Foundation for Women is a Global initiative to empower and uplift women across the world by community acts and various other platforms. IFW Global has members in 40 countries, The staff and board of the International Women’s Health coalition has decided to explicitly name a set of enduring value that have guided and motivated our engagement on women’s health and rights.

Women consist of the half of the world’s population yet we can see their voices, experiences and contributions are overlooked and undervalued. they are under represented at the political social and economic frontiers. Barriers of gender based violence and lack of political and economic opportunities, to laws that hold women to a different standard block the path to progress. Inequality and low status of women and girls have vast political, economic and social implications. This can limit the ability of communities to resolve conflict, countries to boost their economies.The untapped potential of women remains a lost opportunity for economic growth and development.

IFW aims to bridge the gap and provide women with a platform and voice to help bring change to the world one day at a time.